19 February 2015

With the car or without?

Joseph Manigault House, Charleston, S.C.
I am torn about cars and people in my pictures. I usually wiggle around trying to get a shot without vehicles in it and yet I love to see them in old pictures. The vehicle style and period clothing help date photos. In my pictures people usually seem to be wearing baggy shorts and t-shirts and the cars don't seem to add any charm. Maybe they will matter years from now. What do y'all think?

This is the Joseph Manigault House which is one of the Charleston Museum tour homes. The web site gives a great pictoral tour of the mansion.
Charleston's Huguenot House: One of Charleston's most exquisite antebellum structures, the Joseph Manigault House, built in 1803, reflects the urban lifestyle of a wealthy, rice-planting family and the enslaved African Americans who lived there. An exceptional example of Federal period architecture, this elegant townhouse, a National Historic Landmark, was designed for Joseph Manigault by his brother Gabriel, who is also credited with designing Charleston’s current City Hall. A striking spiral staircase accents the impressive central hall, and many of the rooms are restored to their original color schemes.
G'night kids. It has been a busy day. I have my electric blanket turned on high for our coldest night of the year.