25 January 2012

Abandoned Gas Station

Wentworth St., Charleston, S.C.
This sweet brick gas station on Wentworth St. has been abandoned as long as I remember. Does anyone know more about it? I've never noticed it for sale so there must be a reason but in theory it would make a cute little house. I'd love to see it fixed up and occupied.

Ohhh....I am having a hard time making myself go for my walk lately. I hit my favorite corner of my couch and don't want to budge, but I did it. I marched the King, Meeting, Broad St. loop in the dark. The more you learn, the more getting some exercise seems to be THE most important thing to do to stay healthy and I really enjoy being healthy. I sit on my tail too much of the day clicking away at my keyboard. I have to get out moving fast in the evening to make up for it. 

I stopped by Fish restaurant to return the giant French flag they loaned me to celebrate a French theme day in our hospital cafeteria. It was a big hit! They also gave me the contact info for a wandering accordionist who played French cafe music. Can you picture me trying to fold up this flag to return? Thanks to Randall Goldman and Jodie Battles for making our day so successful.

In other news, how am I supposed to make a black bean burrito with three cans of garbanzo beans and no black beans? What kind of a kitchen am I running around here. A pretty poor one.