23 January 2012

Old Buildings & Sardines

Meeting St., Charleston, S.C.
Isn't this a lovely home? I wandered the Church, Water, Atlantic St. route on Sunday morning and didn't jot down each location but I think this one was on Church St.

Edit: Corrected by commenter to 22 Meeting St. Thanks! 

Sunday's Post & Courier also had this letter to the Editor that caught my eye. It appears that the writer is responding to what must have been an article about over crowding in area schools and she is saying that Trident Tech classes are crowded as well.

You can click the link to get to the full letter but I had to laugh when she complained about being stuck in skills labs with eight to ten students to an instructor stuck in a classroom built before the '90's. Ha! If she is lucky she will get a job when she graduates and work in a building built well before the 1900's.  Sardines in a can before they die?! Can she be serious?

Trident Tech's 'sardine' students:

For skills, we are divided up into groups, often taught by other students. In skills lab, we have five and six instructors with eight to 10 students each, crammed in a small classroom built before the '90s.

Once again, it is difficult to see or hear the instructions to perform the skills needed for the next day's clinicals at the hospitals.

I often wonder if this is how the sardines in a can feel before they die.
Not to be intimidated by the classroom inadequacies, I signed up to work with the graduating seniors in the Nursing Center on my own time to cover what I missed.
There is no life in college except those special moments when we huddle together in class to learn and prepare for a better life after graduation.