19 January 2012

Social Media Rankings

Warren St., Charleston, S.C.

Got Klout? What do you all think of klout.com? Have you checked your Klout score?

There used to be another site that gave bloggers an idea how they ranked in readership and hits. I can't remember what it was called. When I saw Klout mentioned I registered just for the heck of it.

I happened to register after being away for almost a month so as my readership rallied and realized I was back on deck, it appeared that Charleston Daily Photo was growing by leaps and bounds. It wasn't of course, it was just getting back on track.

I am ranked a 55 and says I regularly influence 968 people which I suppose is relatively good. Klout ranks twitter use which I don't use and Linkedin which I have not found useful yet. On the other hand it does not rank Facebook use which is where I get all of my comments and activity now-a-days.

Klout invited me to register "influential topics." I picked Charleston, Photography and Social Media. Klout agreed. About a week later they vanished from my profile. It turns out co-klouters have to agree and award  K+ points or your "influential topics" disappear.

Huh? So I might be good, I might clearly have a following but unless other people constantly approve me it ain't true? Forget that.They can either read me or not but they don't have to reward me with little imaginary K+ gifts.