29 March 2016

Rustic lunch spot

P.M. King's Grocery, Wadmalaw Island, SC
This looks like a rustic lunch spot. I've never been in the area on Wadmalaw Island when it has been open. The signs look relatively freshly added so it appears to be active. Has anyone eaten there?

I hosted dinner this evening for a group of friends in honor of my friend Rosie's visiting twin sister. Twins are endlessly amazing, aren't they? These two have the same laugh and sense of humor and she is just as delightful as her sister. Bonus!


Unknown said...

Two Rosies in the same place at the same time has to be amazingly fun.

William Kendall said...

It seems like it's been there a long time. Two of my cousins are twin, born identical, but into adulthood, one's put on a bit more weight than the other.

Catalyst said...

I'd just roll down my window and take a sniff. Any place serving BBQ ought to give a distinctive aroma to the neighborhood.