12 February 2012

Down the Garden Path

Pirates Courtyard, Charleston, S.C.
I've passed this alleyway on Church St. time after time but always assumed it was private property and never actually entered through the gate. Apparently there is a courtyard at the back of what is called the Pirate's House. This travel photography website has more information: History Trekker.

Holy cold toes, kids! It is chilly out there. It has been a lovely day but walking out this evening in the wind is wicked cold. I hope all of our budding blossoms make it through the night. I have my electric blanket heating up.

I went to the symphony tonight and was so pleased to find a packed house. We were all there to hear Yuriy Bekker play the million dollar Stradivarius violin and play it he did. What a great treat! More info in the Post & Courier story.