08 September 2009

Home again, home again - photo dump

Portland, Oregon,

Home again, home again. I got in late last night and have my hours scrambled. I'm dopey headed but pleased to walk my territory again. Things change even in a couple of weeks. I picked up a lottery ticket just in case there is a chance I don't need to go back to work at all.

Couple of last shots from Portland today and then we will get back on track with lowcountry photos. The giant bicycle also served as a cool bike rack. We ate in the Firehouse restaurant in the background. The other wacky bike themed property wasn't too far from my daughter's house so I had to walk down to get it. Clearly bike related art is big. Even the sidewalk graffiti fit the Portland mood, "I am green, I am free, I am me."

It was good to see the dingo again. I assume she is still in that position mourning my departure. Heheh.