06 February 2017

Little old house on the move

Amherst St., Charleston, SC   
In November I walked Wolfe St. to get a photo of this house as it was being prepared to be moved out of it's neighborhood. This weekend I walked Amherst St. on the east side to visit and see how it was settling into it's new location. Take your time, kid! Get to know the neighbors.

New location on Amherst St. 

Former location on Woolfe St. 


William Kendall said...

That takes a great deal of care!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps one of your readers remembers during the early 1980s as I recall during a visit to the Holy City Several houses/buildings down on their heels were lined up to be auctioned/bought moved/restored if this is what I recollect. I wonder what eventually happened to them-- It was near the marina/waterfront as I recall. Also, on you tube, there is a group/church friends/musically inclined singing an original composition "Meet me down in Charleston" . the young lady guitarist artist has penned a tune which has stuck in my head to this day. Please look for it and give a listen. I have not figured out how to link a site perhaps you can for your readers??