26 November 2016

The hood left me, I'm leaving the hood

33 Woolfe St., Charleston, SC  
I read about the planned move for this historic house on Woolfe St. and walked up to see it for myself. The lonely old house built around 1840 has been gradually surrounded by tall new apartments and hotels. It has been raised on pilings and is ready to hit the road and settle in a more hospitable neighborhood on Amherst St. That would be a sight to see. Sadly I am usually cooped up at work when these interesting things happen during the day time. Happy travels little house!
The house was up on steel beams this week ready for transport. A contractor has agreed to move it to 14 Amherst St. and restore it, King said. He said the land was sold and the house given to somebody who would relocate it. Those plans couldn't immediately be confirmed with the contractor this week.“It looks a lot worse than it is,” King said of the two-story wooden residence. “The frame is so substantial. The materials were so high quality.”neighborhood, he said. Amherst is several blocks east of Meeting Street, near East Bay Street.


  1. Karen Snyder11:21 AM

    It appears, from a "drive" down Amherst on Google Earth, that there are relatively few available lots on that street -- a couple of nice corner lots at America and Drake Streets. Will be interesting to see where this little gem lands.

  2. That's quite an effort to move.

  3. It looks like a very substantial house.

  4. It makes me SO happy to see anyone saving a historic building instead of tearing it down!! I wish more could be saved. I am the owner of a house built in 1925, and just as soon as I win the lottery, I plan to restore it to its former luster!

  5. It's always nice to see someone willing to allow an old structure to be relocated, rather than simply torn down. These stories warm my heart.


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