25 November 2016

We have fall color

Audubon Swamp Walk, Charleston, SC  
We have fall color, who says we don't?

The only thing better than a three day weekend is a four day weekend - yipee! I love waking up without an alarm clock even when I still wake up before the alarm goes off. That way I can lay there and enjoy it not going off.

I started my day at the Arts & Craft festival at Magnolia Plantation to visit my friend Leah's photography booth. Check out her amazing photography here. Then I headed to walk through the Audubon Swamp. I have an annual pass about to expire and need to milk a few more days out of it before I spring for a new one. I spotted a few small gators, ibis and turtles enjoying the sunny day.


Laura said...

The first photo looks like a painting...beautiful!

William Kendall said...

A delightful place to wander.