01 August 2015

August 1st - theme day: Bicycles

North Charleston River Front Park - Sculpture
There are "Daily Photo Blogs" featuring cities all over the world and on the first day of each month, many of them participate in a theme day photo. The August theme day topic is to feature a "bicycle in your city". I can do that!

This colorful bike sculpture delights me and I had to track it down after I saw a picture of it. It is part of the outdoor sculpture competition at the Riverfront Park in North Charleston.

This is the link to information on the National Outdoor Sculpture Competition information. They are currently featuring fourteen sculptures by established and emerging artists from across the nation and are on display for eleven month. I learned that the colorful bike art is by Meuller & Charzewski and that I missed some described on the site and will need to go back. Thank you North Charleston!

Click here to see Bicycle Theme Day photos from around the world. There may be one from your city!