30 July 2015

Zodiac Women - which one are you?

Grayce Perry, Canada  
When I was in Canada in June I was tickled to catch the end of my sister Grayce's show in artsy Elora, Ontario. Grayce has worked in different mediums but her most recent work is in collage and features the women of the zodiac. Each one is original and to a certain extent I believe can be personalized. You can check samples of your own sign in her work at this site: Zodiac Series. What a great personalized gift.

The show was a hit and I imagine she sold out of most of them but we can make her create more, right? I have no idea how shipping charges work from Canada but I am sure it could be worked out if you were interested in a Perry original. Her contact info is on the biography page. Tell her you know me :).

My Sign - Aquarius!