08 January 2015

Fifty Shades of Gray

Spanish Moss
Fifty shades of gray - with a touch of pink.

According to the Post & Courier we will have another tv series filming in Charleston later this year. 
A new HBO comedy starring Danny McBride is set to film later this year in Charleston, according to officials.HBO spokesman Diego Aldana confirmed Thursday night via email that "Vice Principals" - the story of a high school and the people who almost run it, the vice principals - will film in Charleston, although it was unknown exactly when or where.The show, created by McBride and Jody Hill, who also did "Eastbound and Down," is slated for 18 episodes, with the debut date and number of episodes per season to be announced.
More tv excitement for the lowcountry:
Chef John Ondo from Lana Restaurant will be featured on Cutthroat Kitchen with Host Alton Brown on Sunday, January 18 at 9/10pm eastern. 
It's cold out there, kids! Let's not do this for very long. Thanks goodness for my electric blankie.