17 December 2014

Before - The Westendorff

The Westendorff, St. Philip St., Charleston, S.C.
The Westendorff building has been empty as long as I remember it and it has seemed a shame. I took pictures back in 2010 when there was talk of turning it into a hardware store themed restaurant but that never happened. This time it looks like it will be completed. I am sure construction is further along than when I took these pictures. I was fascinated by the writing on the walls that I had never noticed before. Can't wait to see what they do with it.

From Eater Charleston site: During the process of approvals and construction, owner of upcoming The Westendorff (at 114 St. Philip St.) has had some time to think about his establishment's concept. What started out as a diner-type eatery, will now be a brunch every day place and switch into dinner service in the evenings.