12 July 2010

Before......Westendorff building

40 Warren St., Charleston, S.C.

The old Westendorff & Son Hardware store building on the corner of St. Philip and Warren has been empty as long as I remember. This morning there was a glossy postcard on my porch announcing plans to renovate it to be a neighborhood restaurant that will resemble an old timey hardware store. Coolness!

This is good news. It has been a shame to watch such a great building sit abandoned. The new owners are offering refreshments and a sneak preview of what is planned on Wednesday evening, 7/14 from 5:45 - 7 p.m. The architect's presentation is at 6:15 p.m.

I've stayed in my house long enough that one by one all the cool things are landing in my part of town.


  1. Too bad they can't do just the reverse, and make a hardware store that retains the air of an old-fashioned restaurant.

    When I worked as a property appraiser, I developed the theory that when the last hardware store leaves a town, the town dies. Experience has told me it remains true.

    Glad they're saving the building, too!

    That part of town is probably improving 'cause everyone wants to be near you, Joan!

  2. You just can't have too many neighborhood restaurants in your neighborhood. How exciting for you!

  3. Sweet! I'm psyched! I live at the rear of 46 Vanderhorst

  4. Scrib - I think you are right. I can still walk to a hardware store or two and need to remember to do that rather than stopping at Lowes on the way home from work.

    Pixel - I hope it's a good place!

    Matt - Hey neighbor!

  5. I miss small hometown hardware stores, the mega stores just do not have the same style and the employees usually are just as lost as I am trying to find something.

  6. I envy the ones who'll get to live above the shop.

  7. Beach Bum - You are right. We still have East Bay Hardware and they sell some quirky odds and ends that make you appreciate the fact that it isn't a chain.

    Waldo - Could be noisy though if it is a restaurant. That's probably why they are having this info session - to reassure the neighbours.


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