03 July 2014

You know you are from Charleston, S.C. if......

Coburg Cow patriotic wear, Charleston, S.C.

This was taken last year. I'll need to check to see if they have kept up the latest in patriotic dairy fashions.

Here a few fun "you know you are from Charleston, if....." lines. They came from an old Facebook page but I thought they came up with a good collection. Enjoy!

You know you are from Charleston, S.C. if....

The smell of a marsh makes you homesick.
You eat rice with every meal.
You don't understand cities that have to keep electing new mayors.
You've mowed your lawn on Christmas.
You've killed a cockroach with your bare hand.
Unless a cockroach is bigger than your hand, it's just a baby - no big deal.
The construction signs say "Let 'Em Work, Let 'Em Live"
You've seriously considered climbing on top of the Coburg Cow to take a picture.
It is not a shopping cart, it is a buggy.
You get excited when you see a guy selling boiled peanuts out the back of a pickup.
You know not to pick up the orange "Half Rubbers with flags" that are found in the puddles on downtown streets.
People actually grow and eat okra.
You know exactly when high tide is - even if you don't own a boat.
You've driven over all the Cooper River Bridges.