17 July 2013

My new career as a music promoter

Ohvalentino at The Gathering Cafe, Charleston, S.C.
I feel like a music promoter! This is a whole new thing for me. I lined up friends to perform at the Gathering Cafe since Chef Nathan Conkle offered to give 5% to my Lowcountry Heart Walk team. I am not very musically inclined so it is all magic to me. My friend Mark Dickson sang last night and this evening a husband and wife team called ohvalentino performed. They were great! We had a full house and almost everyone was there because I promoted it. Made me very happy, I tell ya.

I have one more evening to showcase the musical talents of my friends. Tomorrow night Richard Larson and Raymond Santiago will be performing between 5 - 7 p.m. Come on by for an after-work bite to eat. They both work in Information Services at the hospital. I can't wait to hear them. Then I go back to my regular life. This brief stint as a music promoter has been fun.Thanks for everyone's support!

Hint, hint - tips for a cause!