16 May 2013

Happy Hospital Week!

Roper Hospital, Charleston, S.C.

In recognition of Hospital Week I've pulled up a few pictures from a couple years ago. The Roper Hospital shot is from 1962. I love how the cars date the photo. So often I try to avoid having cars in a picture but they are an important feature of the period.

The shot below is St. Francis Xavier Hospital at Calhoun and Ashley. The facade still appears to be there today covered by yellow brick. It was an attractive building. I used to help deliver babies in the third floor of that building - after it had been uglified.

St. Francis Xavier Hospital, Charleston, S.C.


Anonymous said...

Dear Joan Perry, Thank you so much for these photos! They make me nostalgic and happy... and a little sad as well. Thank you, again.

Charlestonjoan said...

You are most welcome! I have a little treasure trove in my office closet.

Dreama said...

Thank you so much. I love seeing pictures of home!

Unknown said...

I was born in St Francis Xavier Dec 1962. First time I've seen the hospital!

Laura O