17 May 2013

Congratulations to SC Governor's Volunteer Award Winners

SC Governor's Volunteer Award Winners - 2013
Thanks to the South Carolina Association for Volunteer Administration for coordinating the presentation of the 2013 Governor's Awards for Volunteerism at the Statehouse yesterday. I had three nominees being honored so we took a happy gang to Columbia for the festivities. The awards presentation was held at the Statehouse with Governor Nikki Haley and then we went to the Lace House on the Governor's Mansion grounds for a luncheon.

My winners from Charleston pictured below with the Governor are Charles & Marlene Williamon and Betty Saulisbury. Charles and Marlene volunteer for almost every non-profit in town (seriously!) and Betty has served close to 30,000 hours at Roper Hospital. I've been going to this event for quite a few years and am so appreciative of Governor Haley for taking the time to make it such a special event. In the past, our Governors never even bothered to show up for the event.

I served as photographer and handed my pocket camera over to a friend as I did my presentation. That is how I got in the final shot! Heheh.