28 February 2013

Retiring ladies

Annette & her medical posse, Johns Island, S.C.

Oh, what am I going to do when all of my friends retire? Yikes. I still have years to report to my desk.

I went to two retirement parties this week. I tried to go to three but that was a personal problem. I got halfway to Johns Island yesterday when I realized I was a day early. I went anyway and had a private visit with the honoree and everyone had a good laugh at me. I did a re-enactment of the journey today.

My friend Annette the nursing director of the Wellness House at the Our Lady of Mercy Outreach on Johns Island said farewell to her staff and friends this afternoon. The Wellness House offering free dental and maternity care to island folk and migrant workers was her baby. She opened the place, recruited the volunteer dentists and lined up help.The gentlemen in the top picture are Dr.s Principe, Howard and Allen.

Someone gave the little dynamo a hat at the party. Hamming it up with her hat helped diffuse some of the mixed emotions of the day. More than anyone I know, Annette can retire knowing how many lives she has touched with her kindness and humor. Good luck buddy!