23 February 2013

Naughty Bites

Spotted Dick, Publix, Charleston, S.C.
I could be more mature but it makes me giggle every time. Spotted Dick is now available in lowcountry grocery stores. I googled to find the origination of the name and came up with a fun article called: Spotted Dick & Other Foods That Sound Dirty But Aren't. They had this hilarious list as well as new ones added in comments. What a hoot!
 Cock-a-leekie soup
Spotted Dick
Bangers and mash
Toad in the hole
Coq au vin
Matzo-stuffed breasts
Eggs in a basket
Mozart balls
Pound cake
Hard rolls
Sticky buns
Bubble and squeak
Rump roast
Head cheese
Whipping cream
Nut goodie
Grape Nuts

Banana split
Fish taco
Jerk chicken
Fluffer Nutter
Atomic Fireballs
Blow pops
Nut roll
Conch fritters
Spicy tuna roll
Buttered crumpet