22 June 2012

Yeah, it's Friday!

East Bay St., Charleston, S.C.
This is a frequently photographed section of East Bay St. and it's easy to understand why. It is such a delight to everyone going by that the owners should leave a coin jar out for us all to chip in on maintenance.

I stayed up until midnight last night finishing a work project so I felt justified slipping out to catch my Friday matinee at the Terrace Theater. I saw Moonrise Kingdom and sat in the dark theater grinning to myself. I loved it. Go see it! Thank you, thank you Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Frances McDormand, Bruce Willis and gang.

Now, someone left a bottle of Godiva Chocolate Liqueur in my frig and I am going to have to deal with it. In other news, I ordered chest #5 this morning. Woohoo! Can't wait.