20 June 2012

Wednesday Hodge Podge

Charleston, S.C.
Isn't that beautiful? The iron work is so delicate.

I walked through the local neighborhoods and popped into Jason's Deli for my Wild Salmon-wich.  It has  become a quick bite favorite. Yum.
Wild Salmon-wich: Marinated, grilled wild Alaskan Sockeye, salmon, guacamole, roma tomatoes, leafy lettuce, chipotle aioli on toasted herb, focaccia. Served with fresh fruit, steamed, veggies or baked chips. $8.29
I can't bring myself to care about Klout so if you are on it and want K+ let me know.

Time to start thinking about the Lowcountry Heart Walk fundraising again. I usually coordinate a huge and creative team for Roper St. Francis Healthcare. I need some original fundraising ideas kids so holler if you think of anything brilliant. We do have a lot of employees on staff so if any companies want to work on anything fun with me that would raise money let me know!  The walk will be held on 9/29. Think about rallying a team and registering!

Check out this link: Painting Her Subjects. Like them? Except they aren't paintings. They are people, painted. Amazing.