16 May 2012

Lettuce, tomatoes and corn, oh my!

Farmer's Market, Charleston, S.C.

Yipee! Joseph Fields Farms brought their organic produce to us. They set up a Farmer's Market booth right on the grassy lawn in our hospital parking lot so we could go home from work with fresh fruit and veggies. Happy day. Our vendor was completely blown away by the interest and didn't have a quiet moment without customers lined up until mid afternoon. He had to call for back up veggies to be delivered and by the time I left there wasn't much left at all. What a success.

Luckily we didn't scare him away and we will have a regular Farmer's Market on campus every Wednesday. He promised local Johns Island tomatoes next week and I see Tomato Pie in my future.


Kate said...

Now that's just like having your own delivery service. The produce looks very fresh and delicious. Tomato pie? Never had it; is there a recipe lurking somewhere?

Charlestonjoan said...

HI Kate! I just added the link to the recipe in last weekend's recipe. Let me know if you make it!