25 February 2012

Saturday Chores

Carolina Yacht Club, Charleston, S.C.
This is part of the Carolina Yacht Club on East Bay St. If I recall correctly this building used to be owned by the Shriners. I remember being at events there before it was absorbed by the Yacht Club.

Is everyone having a nice relaxing Saturday? I'm not. I roped my son into coming over to help me clean out the attic. Aaaaack. Why do people ever put things in the attic? We had boxes of books from twenty five years ago. I asked him if he wanted the dusty copy of Modern Electronics. Heheh.

I found the dolls I mailed home to my daughter from Hong Kong before the British turned it over to China. They were copied from the Cabbage Patch dolls and called Rice Paddy dolls and instead of birth certificates they came with British passports to get them out of Hong Kong before the change. Cute.

I think I need a long soak, a cuppa tea and a Klondike bar as a reward.