15 December 2011

King St Shopping

King St., Charleston, S.C.
 WISE COLUMN: King Street among top 10 U.S. shopping venues
The accolades keep coming for Charleston.  Already named the top tourist destination in America, now it's on a tony list for shopping.Right beside the glittering fame of Rodeo Drive in Los Angeles and Fifth Avenue in New York lies King Street as one of the 10-best shopping streets in the nation, according to U.S. News and World Report's online Travel page. Here's part of what it had to say about the storied retail corridor: "This historic avenue pulses with pedestrians in search of the perfect outfit or gift. Beautiful buildings house big-name brands like Apple and Banana Republic; however, it's the number of family-owned boutiques and male clothiers that really distinguishes King Street. ... Although King Street bustles with pastel-clad patrons particularly in the spring, you'll find Southern hospitality persists year-round."
Speaking of shopping, my free range tootsies rebel at the end of every summer when they have to be caged again and the search is on every fall for a comfortable yet semi stylish shoe. I was relieved to find this year's model at Philips Shoe ( I love you, I love you, I love you) store and they are sweeties.  They are the Taos Majesty and although I only wear black, they do come in a few colors.

You can expect to see me wear these shoes every single day of the work week until spring when I will have to throw them out in shreds and go back to my favorite Naot sandals.

  Hurrah for comfortable feet!