04 November 2011

Windy Friday

Joggling Board, Charleston, S.C.
I missed the recent Design Sponge book tour evening in Charleston. I had downloaded tickets but was double booked that night so was happy to see the posted photos of Asheville, Durham, Charleston and Savannah. I am fascinated by what catches a visitor's eye in a familiar place.

I am going to bed with a car parked directly in front of my driveway. It doesn't need to be. There is space in front of and behind it. Hopefully it is a visitor who will slip away in the night because I am supposed to be up and out early to get to the AIDS Walk at Hampton Park. Should leave a wake up call with a tow truck?

Wow, it is wild and windy out this evening. I am glad to be snug and warm in my home. G'night kids!


Rachel said...

We got a kick out of "riding" a joggling board when we were in Charleston last time. I had NEVER heard of them. I love seeing and learning about new things! Your photo is a great way to include local flavor with familiar holiday decor. I also love the green with the black and the burst of orange. Very striking.

Charlestonjoan said...

Rachel - they really are a Charleston thing. Kinda cool! I see more of them around lately - maybe because I take a picture of every one I see! Thanks for your kind comments.

chuckography said...

I think I read somewhere that the color "Charleston Green" is 9o% green and 10% black paints mixed together.

Sunny said...

Hi Joan ~ I hope you had no trouble getting out, and that you had a great walk !