03 November 2011

A Walk Interrupted

Two Boroughs Larder, Coming St., Charleston, S.C.
I open my door starving every day. No matter what time I get home from work, I walk in sniffing around the kitchen for food. Driving home aware of tasty leftovers in the refrigerator is a treat. Normally I make a quick and easy meal, crash for a break and then head out walking. Unfortunately time slips by if I let myself relax after a chaotic work day and I'm often perking up and going out for my walk quite late.

As it gets dark earlier I've been trying to make myself do my walk as soon as I get home but it isn't so easy walking on empty now that gourmet grocery stores are popping up all over the peninsula. Caviar & Bananas on George St., Two Boroughs Larder around the corner on Coming St., Bull St. Gourmet down King,  Ted's Butcher Block on East Bay. They are all on my regular walking route and self discipline is required to resist the magnetic pull as I march by their doors. Pork belly, fresh hot soup, salad caprese, roasted vegetables, duck confit sandwiches, giant coconut macaroons drizzled with chocolate. Even more dangerous these are places I can enjoy solo with something to read and on occasion get a glass of wine with dinner.

Aren't I supposed to get home from a walk weighing less than when I left? What is a hungry girl to do?


Anonymous said...

I have found, my friend, that I plan what I am going to have one or two days in advance. I dutifully remind myself each morning as I prepare breakfast and pack lunch. Often I leave dinner prepared and covered in the fridge, with a note attached to a magnet on the front.

THEN eat before you go. It truly does make temptation easier to resist. MIndful, of course, that at least once a week I would schedule a "dinner" out as good behaviour for all my walks and being good with dinner;)

Charlestonjoan said...

It is soooo easy cooking for one person, isn't it? Smashing up an avocado and tomatoes makes me happy. One tempting things about these restaurants is that they have lots of healthy, yummy food that you can buy in small portions.

Rachel said...

In a way, I am kind of glad that I don't live in Charleston. I would probably spend everything that I make eating out at those tasty places! - Oh, you mentioned avocado and tomatoes. My grandmother makes the tastiest avocado and tomato sandwich. It sounds weird but it is quite good. Toast raisin bread, spread a bit of mayo on both sides, pile avocado and tomato on that and add alfalfa sprouts. That is our version of a BLT. LOL!

Kate said...

Blogging is SO educational! I learn about gourmet foods, great recipes, regional habits, and on and on. Although it's only 7:30 in the morning, I'm on my way to the kitchen to put together an avocado and tomato sandwich on toasted pumpernickel minus the mayonnaise. Thanks for making this possible, Joan...then out for a walk. Retirement ain't so bad after all...I can do what I want, when I want. Have a great day!

Catalyst said...

Thank (G)od for small favors. #1 - I don't live in Charleston. If I did, I'd weigh 500 pounds.

Marcheline said...

Eat as much veggies and protein as you like, whenever and wherever you like, skip the bread, pasta and potatoes, keep walking, and watch the pounds disappear!

(Come on, what did you really expect from a paleo girl?) 8-)