03 November 2011

November Blossoms

South Battery, Charleston, S.C.
I love it that we still have blossoms even though the weather has been cooler.  I rented the little kitchen house behind this home the first year I was in Charleston. It has been renovated since then and looks beautiful. It wasn't quite so fancy when we were there but we enjoyed living there very much.

I hosted thirty some eager students interested in learning about physical therapy, occupational and speech therapy as careers this evening. These career sessions I started a few years ago have become so popular kids compete to sign up as soon as they are announced and by the day after they are posted there is a waiting list. Our success has done us in. Thanks to the staff for opening the Rehab Gym at St. Francis and getting all the kids involved. It made for a long day but according to all the smiles, well worth it.

SCRUBS U Rehab Career Night at St. Francis Hospital


Lowandslow said...

Is it a prerequisite that before you're allowed to live in Charleston you mut prove you have a green thumb? All your photos show such spectacular landscaping. So beautiful. ;)


Kate said...

You have designed a highly successful career program for adolescents and are to be congratulated. I wish that one or more of our hospitals/colleges would do the same!

Love your first "kitchen house"--I'd love to rent it for awhile!

Catalyst said...

That's a nice stairway but I can't figure out how one would maneuver around the plants.

Charlestonjoan said...

Kate - the programs success is doing me in. I can't keep up with it.

Low - in a lot of the ritzy homes the might have a gardner. Thats what i think.

Bruce - they probably use the side door for general purposes but mostly it is my photo angle :-)