28 October 2011

Let's do this weekend thing!

Spoleto Festival Headquarters, Charleston, S.C.
The entire fence says Spoleto Festival USA but the light was shining so gently on this bit that I just took it. Sweet, eh?!

I found a beer can, sun glasses and a messed up black wig with leaves in it in my driveway this morning. Zombie mischief?

Macaroni & Cheese Cook off tonight, oh yum! I go with my friend Notoriously Nice Mike whose son and daughter-in-law own Cheese-ology in St. Louis. Yep - a successful restaurant that serves nothing but macaroni and cheese.

Uhoh. Just checked the Mac Off site and it is sold out.

Still looking for pumpkin decorating ideas? Here is a pumpkin for Labor & Delivery nurses I snagged from my friend Pat. Love it, love it.


Kate said...

The pregnant pumpkin is hilarious.

Kate said...

PS. I just saw this photo posted on Facebook; it's getting around.

Charlestonjoan said...

Kate, it is a hoot! I didnt take this one so not sure who took it.