22 August 2011

The kids are back in town

Calhoun St., Charleston, S.C.

What a difference a week makes. Everywhere you look there are students on bikes, skateboards and this evening trying to cover their heads and dashing to get out of the rain. The "towels over the banister" look is one of my favorites.

I've been doing a little kayaking lately and was amazed to come across this site: Richard Bernabe's South Carolina Riverventure. In 2007 the nature photographer chose a route that took him 270 miles through the state’s rivers, lakes, swamps and canals, as well as negotiating around eight dams in a canoe. He began on the Broad River at the foothills of the North Carolina Mountains and finished at Battery Park in the Charleston Harbor.

Holy cow! The story is in three parts but each page leads to the next. He is amazing but does not make it sounds like a tempting escapade. I think I will stick to my hiking holidays.

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