01 August 2011

Before & After - East Bay St.

Before & After - East Bay St., Charleston, S.C.

I found the original on Civil War Photos: Charleston, SC Siege of Charleston 1865.

I am always impressed by how many more trees we have in the city streets than there used to be. It can make it hard to compare the buildings because they are so hidden by foliage.


Anonymous said...

But darn, look at that grand sidewalk!

Charlestonjoan said...

Right! And look at all the frame work for awnings. It's hard to match the angles without the original photo in hand. I need to print something out to take with me. As it is I was standing in the middle of the street.

Matthew K said...

Cool Pictures! I was wondering if you have any historic pictures of Vanderhorst Street? I live at the rear of 46 Vandy.

Lucas Kain said...

Actually, it looks like it hasn't changed much since the first picture..

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Kate said...

Love the before and after photos, using vintage postcard and pictures when they're available. Looks pretty much the same except the street certainly has been widened.

brattcat said...

love before and after shots and this is an excellent set.

Anonymous said...

There are a bunch of cool old photographs on the South Carolina Digital Library--www.scmemory.org.
It a nice way to kill a little time.
The anonymous librarian

Marcheline said...

I love, love, love old photographs. Whether they be places, things, or people - they fascinate me. Photographs and movies are, to me, the greatest treasures. They remain to show what was, when what was is no more. Priceless.

Charlestonjoan said...

Matthew - I live on Vanderhorst. I know more about the history of the people living in my house than I do my own ancestors. I recently met the descendants who came down from New York.

I don't have many old pictures from this street but I do have some of hurricane Hugo and the destruction. Let me see what I can dig up.

Jimmy - We do pretty good maintaining the old buildings here.

Kate - I do too. It reminds me not to always wait until cars are out of my shots. Vehicles do so much to date a photo.

brattcat - thank you! I need to remember to do more of them.

Anon - Just went to look at them. Thanks for the link. I walked down to do a before and after of the old Baker Hospital but the sun was setting behind it.

Marcheline - Me too! Love 'em.

Donna Gill Colestock said...

I just looked at this view the other night. I also love b & a shots.

Matthew K said...

That would be great!

Cindy Hunter Morgan said...

Very cool comparison!