02 August 2011

Travel Plans

Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C.

This is one of my favorite houses on Rutledge Ave. draped in spanish moss. I am getting used to making do with my little pocket canon camera on most of my evening walks now rather than the heavier DSLR. I was beginning to walk lopsided from the weight.

I got on the phone with my daughter in Portland last night and we coordinated booking tickets to India for November. Woohoo! First off - how wonderful to have a daughter who is able to pay for her own ticket. Although I have been back to India, this will be the first time I go back to the hills in the far north east where I grew up since I graduated from high school. It's is going to be a sentimental journey indeed. Now, shall I make any effort to refresh a language I haven't spoken since I was seventeen? Yikes.

I had to be at work bright and early to sell some pot. Pots. I sponsored a fundraising cookware sale in this heat and did very well, thank you. The profits allow me to play lady bountiful and buy wheelchairs, blanket warmers and training mannequins for the hospital.

Thanks for all your great comments. It takes great self discipline not to respond to them while I am at work but they do delight me!