25 July 2011

Ya gotta say "Surprise!"

College of Charleston, Charleston, S.C.

This walk through the College of Charleston campus is one of my regular shortcuts. Not too shabby, eh?!

Speaking of college students, here is a quick funny from the Hallmark Cards Shoebox blog:

Things you shouldn't say as an Intern. By the Hallmark Interns:
  • “I’m not really ‘into’ the 8-hour workday.”

  • “You started here in 1990? That’s, like, when I was born!”

  • “I get your job when this ends, right?”

  • “I found the best place to nap yesterday!”

  • “It’s not sexual harassment if you say ‘surprise!’”

  • “You’re doing it wrong.”

  • “You’re cute. Do you have a daughter who’s closer to my age?”