28 July 2011

Aaaargh! Me HEARTies!

Charleston, S.C.

I had a date with a Pirate under an ancient oak tree early this morning.

Cap'n D'Angela D'Pirate is our first candidate to be Pirate King for our health system. His team will raise funds on his behalf benefiting the American Heart Association. If they raise the most money in his name he will be our King of the Pirates and lead us into battle as we storm the city at the Lowcountry Heart Walk on 9/17.


Join us!


Susan Moorhead said...

shiver me timbers, those are some fierce pirates :)

brattcat said...

a worthy cause, a likely crew.

Marcheline said...

He's lovely (and so is she)- but where's that muscleman of pirate posts past? He could shiver my timbers any day! 8-)

Kate said...

Love the portrait of the two. I wouldn't mind a date with Johnny Depp.

Charlestonjoan said...

Susan - They were great sports! I didn't know the whole team was going to dress up. Of course I made them walk through the hospital.

brattcat - he will make a great pirate king!

Marcheline - that gentleman (swoon) doesn't work for the hospital but I have planted the seed ;)

Kate - Amen!