29 July 2011

Sweet Fridays

King St., Charleston, S.C.

Hustle and bustle on King St. Took this one a few days ago since I've been walking long after dark hoping for a cool breeze. Yikes, it is hot!

There was a another fire in a downtown house this week and a reward has been posted for help catching the suspected arsonist. Makes all of us living in these big old wooden houses a little nervous. From what I hear from my bedroom window, there are enough people out on our streets all night - let's catch this person and let him/her know how we feel about this.

I formally ended my work week by seeing Midnight in Paris at the Terrace Theater and then a snackie at the little cafe next door and I still got home in time for a late walk.

So far the weekend is off to a great start. Whatcha all got up your sleeves?


Lowandslow said...

Arsonists are deranged people. I fail to see how hurting someone else could be enjoyable.

Did you like Midnight in Paris? I thought it was great, which frankly surprised me.

Kayaking for me tomorrow. :)



Kate said...

Cannot understand how any sane person could enjoy the destruction of property by setting fires, but that's the point isn't it...one couldn't be sane if engaged in that dangerous act. Keep us informed.

Our darlin 17-yr-old grandson is coming over to do some heavy lifting for us...that's our week-end since we went out to dinner last night. Probably going to see "Sarah's Key" tonight...not exactly a wild event.

Charlestonjoan said...

lowandslow - let me know how you like the kayaking. I went on FB and answered a question this morning and won a kayak trip. That is so funny since I just bought one!

Kate - It is getting pretty scary. These big old wooden buildings get filled with college students. So far I don't think anyone has been killed but there have been some narrow escapes. I'm half thinking of getting a rope ladder for my bedroom window ;) Enjoy your grandson!

Anonymous said...

An arsonist in Charleston is trouble...