04 April 2011

I Love All of You

Hutson St., Charleston, S.C.

Someone left a message for y'all on Hutson St. I'm just the messenger.

Wild weather reported for tomorrow but I have my windows open so the wind can whip through tonight.

This is very cool: Jess at Children of the Corm aged a statue for her yard. Clever!

Sucker Jeans: Southern Style! Has anyone tried them? Should I?
Our seersucker is all seasons, heavyweight and in solid colors like black and denim blue. And from our exclusive fabric, Sucker™ brings you the world's first, denim alternative, heavyweight, premium-cut, five-pocket, copper riveted, seersucker jean. Our seersucker jean is made even better by our totally unique, proprietary fit that combines a wide, contoured waistband, with a tilted rise and narrow yoke.

Mixology Dinner at Fish Restaurant on Friday. I ain't never been to no Mixology Dinner before. Let's do it!

I will answer emails, kids, I promise. I'm just drowning in them.