27 March 2011

Places to see before you are 15

Tradd St., Charleston, S.C.

The overcast skies made my photo walk a treat this morning. This is a yard on Tradd St. that I always admire. Some people must get tired of me poking my camera over their fence. :)

Budget Travel magazine came up with a list of places that they decided kids should see before they by the age of 15. There was a lot of discussion on the page so not everyone agreed. I for one, wasn't going to drive my kids to California to go to a zoo in San Diego, but not only did they see the Grand Canyon - they hiked to the bottom and slept the night when they were nine and ten. They didn't see the Redwoods by fifteen but they have now. I still haven't seen Monticello myself. Shame on me.

15 places kids should see by age 15

Grand Canyon - Arizona
Niagara Falls - New York
The National Mall - Washington, D.C.
Williamsburg - Virginia
Walt Disney World Resort - Florida
Independence Hall - Pennsylvania
Alcatraz Island - California
Ellis Island - New York
Yellowstone National Park - Wyoming, Montana and Idaho

Redwood National Park - California
Monticello - Virginia
The Freedom Trail - Massachusetts
Fenway Park - Massachusetts
Craters of the Moon National Monument & Preserve - Idaho
San Diego Zoo - California

My kids saw the top grouping but not the bottom ones. What do you think? Does the list make sense?