21 March 2011

Monday Blog Hopping

White Point Gardens, Charleston, S.C.

Like "Foodie Porn"? Tartelette is donating $20 from each print sold between Match 15 - April 15 to disaster recovery efforts in Japan. Check out her Etsy shop Tartelette by Tartellete shop to see the prints. Drool worthy.

Congrats to Holly from Venti Chocolate Mocha who is a Forty Under 40 winner.

Quixotic RIE has been featuring interviews with artists: The Artist Life.

Curious about the Maasai warrior who helped lead the Walk for Water? I was. He is an Ambassador Exchange student at Clemson working on his Master's degree. Here is the scoop. And, yes, he did kill a lion with that spear.

Someone with a sense of humor hacked into the highway sings near Fort Mill near the South Carolina/North Carolina border. The wording was changed to warn drivers to watch for zombies, hunters and tanks. On Sunday morning, the sign read "Zombies Ahead" and then flashed "Watch for Hunters." On the other side of the road, a sign warned motorists to "Be alert for Tanks."

I always enjoy A Tidewater Gardener's photography but this month he invited readers to take pictures of their daily winter walks (sounds like my life, eh!) He just blogged their entries with links to photos. Enjoy!

Meet Dalton Stevens, the Button King of Bishopville, S.C.

G'night kids. I've got a big week ahead. Turn the lights out.