19 March 2011

Walk for Water 2011

Charleston, S.C.

It was so cool to see a real Maasai tribesman at the Water Missions International Walk for Water this morning. Everyone had to have their picture taken with him and he joined the festivities leading the walk through downtown Charleston with George and Molly Green.

The goal of the walk is to raise funds and awareness of the water purification systems made by Water Missions International and shipped overseas. We are extraordinarily proud that this international company that saves so many lives is based right here in Charleston.

We had the most glorious day for the walk which started at Cannon Park and ended up at the Battery where people could fill a bucket with water to carry back. Cute kids, dogs, girl scouts, the Mayor, the Piggly Wiggly Pig, a Maasai tribesman and a successful fund raising event - what more could you ask for? Many thanks to David Dixon and Amanda Doosshe for leading our team and to my blog friend contributors!

More photos here.

I did get to meet other photographers who were helping out at the event and caught Alyona with walkers who were hamming it up for her photo op below!