18 March 2011

Flowers for Friday

Window Boxes, Charleston, S.C.

I'm grouchy as a snake this evening after opening an envelope from my homeowners insurance company to discover they have increased my annual premium by another $1,000. Grrrrr. I haven't made a claim since hurricane Hugo but they can do as they like, can't they? Nationwide may be "on your side" but this evening it isn't my good side.

I am sending a shout out to my friend Tom who is resting at Roper Hospital this evening recovering from surgery. Half the city of Charleston was praying for him yesterday and I'm pleased to report he is looking good and says he is humbled by all the cards and best wishes. We are the ones who are humbled and I am full of gratitude for the kindness that is being shown to this precious man. I could kiss Dr. Lucas' talented fingertips.

My walk took me all the way down King St. to sniff the ocean this evening. What a garden we live in. The town is swarming with tourists enjoying the beautiful weather.