07 February 2011

Pull up a chair

Magnolia Plantation, Charleston, S.C.

My walk was foiled by rain so I've had extra time to play with my new computer and dip into a box of chocolates I haven't opened since Christmas. A friend asked for some Lowcountry prints to decorate his house with so I have been flitting through albums trying to pick what might suit and found this one I'd played with sepia tinting.

By the time it dried enough to walk, it was late and dark. I decided I shouldn't go out, and that irritated me. I try not to be stupid and walk the streets likely to be populated in the evenings but three young women have been mugged and assaulted in my neighborhood in recent weeks.

Caring people who know I march about town, ask me endlessly if what they read in the paper happened in my area and I have to admit it did. Then, as a rule they warn me not to go out at night, not to walk alone.

I want to say, yes, we should, we all should. We should turn our porch lights on and sit outside, visit across fences and play a little music. We shouldn't give away the neighborhood as soon as evil stakes a claim. Tonight however, without another soul in sight on my street, I stayed in. Blah.