12 February 2011

Deep South & Husky

Husk, Queen St., Charleston, S.C.

My birthday week festivities continued with my first visit to Husk Restaurant on Queen St. Chef Sean Brock from McCrady's opened Husk in November and after the recent publicity in the New York Times I felt lucky to finally have a chance to dine there. I'd been watching the progress that transformed the building that used to house the Gibbs Art Museum studio into this classy southern restaurant. I once took a calligraphy class in the main dining room.

Happily, I know good people who know good people and thanks to my friend Andre' Guillet, Debby and I never even saw a menu - Chef Travis Grimes simply sent out one delicious dish after another. Look at all this incredible food! It was amazing. My favorites were the clams and oyster stew in the most wonderful broths and sauces. We stopped by McCrady's after dinner to sneak into the kitchen and let Chef Brock know how much we enjoyed it. Thank you, thank you!

Sean is quoted as saying, “If it doesn’t come from the South, it’s not coming through the door,” but a Frenchman, a Canadian slipped in last night with a Lowcountry friend and we enjoyed ourselves immensely!