15 February 2011

Bike Guide Markings

Bike Parking, Calhoun St., Charleston, S.C.

Charleston Moves reported on the new bike lanes or bike markings on Chapel St. They are being called "bike guide markings" because they aren't quite wide enough for the definition of bike lanes. It reminded me of these creative bike markings I once found on Calhoun St.

Mayor Riley himself made the announcement at Chapel Street Fountain Park, even though workmen not far from him were actually painting the stripes. He hailed it as a major advance for the city and hinted at more to come. He specifically mentioned his plan to rededicate one of four northbound lanes on the Legare Bridge over the Ashley River to pedestrians and bicyclists. (That lane even now is used principally as one of two turn lanes leading to southbound Lockwood Boulevard.)

Go Charleston. Get all bike friendly with your old self. Maybe my daughter will move back from Portland.

Bike lanes and work on the flooded streets - ya think our mayor is running for re-election? Let's grab some improvements while the grabbing is good.