13 November 2010

Food Strolling

Marion Square, Farmer's Market, Charleston, S.C.

I had every intention of photographing the AIDS Walk this morning and set my alarm (eeeew....alarms on the weekend) accordingly. I grabbed the camera and flash card I used last night only to discover the dreaded "unable to format card" message. Luckily there were other photographers to cover the event so I slipped home and did my walk-about town happily landing in Marion Square in time to be handed a warm bowl of the most delicious bread pudding.

Sarah O'Kelly from the Glass Onion and farmer Celeste Albers had just done a cooking demonstration as part of Les Dames d’Escoffier International and were ready to serve. Thanks ladies! It was amazing.

You can see why I have to walk so much. If I am going to have delicious treats handed to me as I march through town I'd better add another mile or two to my routine hike.

Walking on I saw this line up winding around the yard at Gaillard waiting to get in to the Whale of a Sale. I decided to pass on that event.