21 October 2010

Where to stay Charleston - Andrew Pinckney Inn

Andrew Pinckney Inn, Pinckney St., Charleston, S.C.

I figured the "where to stay" theme was worth continuing since I had this neat shot of the Andrew Pinckney Inn.

Carol Hannah of Project Runway fame named this dress after the street I live on. This one is the Gadsden St. dress and this one is Queen St.

Check out this Craigslist ad for a bike.Too funny.

I've been everywhere today, from the Retired & Senior Volunteer Luncheon at the Rifle Club (thanks Pam!), to trying to squeeze our health system's entire business office staff into one photo, back to my office again to try to catch up, then to James Island for Zumba class.

You may not have noticed but I haven't taken a real vacation this year. I just booked Thanksgiving week in San Francisco with my daughter. Woohoo! Where should I stay? What must I see? Exciting. I ain't never been to San Francisco before.

Southwest Airlines announced bargain flights from Charleston for folks ready to make plans.

I need to get to bed, kids. Turn the lights out.