08 July 2010

God's Acre - Healing Springs

God's Acre, Healing Springs, Blackville, S.C.

Does God pay taxes? This acre of land on the outskirts of Blackville, S.C. is deeded to God Almighty.

The property includes a natural spring whose water has healing powers according to local tradition.
By tradition, Healing Springs got its name during the Revolutionary War. In 1781 after a bloody battle at nearby Windy Hill Creek, four wounded Tories sent inland from Charleston by General Banastre (the Butcher) Tarleton were left in the care of two comrades who had orders to bury them when they died. Luckily, Native Americans found them and took them to their secret, sacred healing springs. Six months later the Charleston garrison was astonished by the reappearance of the six men. All were strong and healthy.

You can stop at the Healing Springs Country Store for a picnic sandwich but don't make any cracks about the family picture of the Amish on the lunch counter - they are really Mennonites dressed up in Amish clothes. Yeah for sandwich making Mennonites with a sense of humor!

The water jugs in the picture belong to a gentleman from Aiken, Georgia who claimed drinking the spring water had kept him alive for twenty eight years. I scooped up a handful and drank it just to be safe.