20 June 2010

Raised Bed Gardening

Smith St., Charleston, S.C.

I can fall in love with the occupants of a house by what I learn from the sidewalk. Look at these raised bed planters! Aren't they grand? Check out the flower planters on the front steps. Goodness, they practically have to knock blossoms off to get up their steps. Charming. Whoever you are, coolness indeed!

What is everyone up to on this hot, hot weekend? My son and I went to Juanita Greenberg's for nacho's royale for lunch but I've been drinking pots full of iced coffee to cool down so I'm bouncing off the ceiling instead of taking a nap as planned.

I drink my icy drink and flick through MLS listings of cottages in the mountains. Starting from cheapest listings I try to imagine weekends in the pictured tumbledown shacks with their smashed-in walls and porches falling off. But, it would be cooler, right? Heheh. Luckily the weekend is over before I do anything foolish. After all, I've already been through my cabin in the mountains stage. Cringe.