25 February 2010

Damn Yankees

Old Sheldon Church Ruins, S.C.

I won't the the first, last or best photographer to take pictures at the ruins of Old Sheldon Church near Beaufort, S.C. The church has lain in ruins for over 120 years. The original church was built in 1745, Patriots stored gun powder in it during the revolution, the British burned it in 1779, and it was rebuilt only to be burned again by Sherman's men in 1865.

Googling around will bring up incredible photographs of this beautiful site. Look at these. I am here this evening to show you an angle you probably haven't seen, the "Damn Yankee" and "To Hell With Sherman" graffiti inscribed in the brick.

I know, I know. Graffiti is vandalism but I can't think of any more appropriate sentiment in this case.

G'night kids. Don't stay up too late. Tomorrow is Friday, hip hip hurrah!