25 February 2010

Blog Hopping!

Rutledge Ave., Charleston, S.C.

This is a bit of religiously diverse symbolism found in the pavement in front of the Kahal Kadosh Beth Elohim temple on Rutledge Ave.

Ooooh......purty necklace. How good have I been?

Charleston Moves says our chairs are our enemies and making us fat. I know I sit in mine too much. I spend my life writing and responding to emails and I have a "people" job. Sad to think I am just going to get fat unless I quit working.

Local blog buddy Heather of Home Ec 101 was on Lowcountry Live. Naturally I was sitting in my chair at work getting fat and missed it but happily someone recorded it. Go Heather!

Hugging the Coast has a ridiculously multi-ingredient recipe for Mulligatawny Soup but think how much fun it is to say Mulligatawny. Mulligatawny. Mulligatawny. Mulligatawny. Makes it all worth it. I had my first bowl of steaming Mulligatawny soup on a foggy evening in the Hotel Windamere on Observatory Hill in Darjeeling.

I definitely have to start getting up earlier or staying up later. Cedar Posts caught this beautiful sunrise. Wow.

Helen Rice of Fuzzco had a successful art show at Hope and Union Coffee Shop. Helen went to school with my kids so I bask in the reflected glory of friends of kid's thing whenever she does something cool. I've been doing a lot of basking.

Caroline Nutall, Publisher of CHARLIE invites everyone to join in to create the largest possible team for the Walk for Water on March 20th. Sign up or make a donation here.

What else is going on?


Heather Solos said...

Aww thanks for the shout out. :)I think one of your volunteers was also on the show that morning. I wish I could remember her name.

FD said...

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Charlestonjoan said...

FD - How nice to hear from you! Will do.

Namrata said...

It is said that Hope Cooke met the 12th Chogyal of Sikkim in Windamere Hotel in Darjeeling in 1959 when she was 19 and became his wife after a few years.As the Gyalmo of Sikkim, she wore the Bakkhu,whispered as per court etiquette and was hailed as the "Grace Kelly of the East".Ever since she got married and till her stay in Sikkim till 1975,this charming American lady was sought after by the American and other media for photos and interviews.And whoever saw or heard her were mostly besotted.